Performance of "Leaving America" written and performed by Kelley Jo Burke, excerpt from upcoming memoir "To the Lighthouse (I know I need a better title)."  

Thanks to Tic Toc TEN Short Performance Festival and a Thank you to ENC3000 videography.


Thanks to the organizers of the Tic Toc Ten festival of ten minute theatre pieces in Regina!

Whahoo! Thank you so much to the Paper Umbrella for supporting local arts, to the amazing three goddesses of Tic Toc Ten, Abbey Thiessen, Gabrielle Dufresne, and Robyn Sanderson for putting together such a totally successful event, and for all the artists and audience members for making it such an extraordinary night. 


Thanks to the Saskatchewan Foundation for the Arts


 Thanks to the SFA for funding the writing of "The Cursed" a musical with the amazing Library Voices. Look for it at Dancing Sky Theatre in the next year or so. 

Here's my favourite of their videos:


Online Scriptwriting Course THEA 215 AE open for registration

So pleased to announce this!  My online scriptwriting course, first offered in 2017, Theatre 215AE, will be available again through URegina Media Arts and Performance (MAP)--starting Winter 2019. It combines on-line at-home work with three live-on-video writers' workshops, and individual consultation and dramaturgy with me. It's gonna be fun! 


Audio Work Book--Cree: Language of the Plains by Jean Okimasis

Cree, Language of the Plains

So proud to have been part of creating the audio book supporting the latest edition of Jean Okimasis' ground-breaking work, Cree: Language of the Plains for University of Regina Press. Thanks to Sean Prpick for giving me the gig, but most mostly thanks to the magnificent Jean Okimasis for spending 6 cold, hard days in the basement of the Riddell Centre, recording this work. It was an honour.